19 March 2018

Is this really Switzerland's oldest town?

The town of Chur in Canton Graubünden, says it's the oldest in Switzerland. But that all depends on your definition of "town," as archaeologists explained for my story on swissinfo.

And how does Chur's age compare to the city that's widely accepted as one of the world's oldest?

Not in question is the charm of Chur's medieval Old Town.

15 November 2017

My Swiss Story

My self-interview for "My Swiss Story" at my favorite Swiss online newspaper, Le News.

10 October 2017

Switzerland: Four Official Languages, an Unofficial Fifth, Lots of Translators

With a population of only 8.3 million, Switzerland has four official languages and that pushy unofficial fifth. And so too do we have lots of professional translators with opinions about the spread of English.

04 September 2017

Poetry Found

We were wheeling along a neighborhood boardwalk this Monday afternoon and came upon a little table piled with poetry, and two gentlemen offering to read to us and everyone.

Claude Thébert reads poems from "Aller Simple" by Erri De Luca.

Lionel Brady reads Verlaine.
Claude reads Greek poet, Kiki Dimoula.

For more on Lionel and Claude: www.theatredusentier.ch

27 August 2017

Samedi Swim in the Rhone

Our long, hot summer (knock on wood) draws les Genevois in the know to a certain stretch of the Rhone to swim and watch its beauty and hijinks.

Yesterday, a regatta of whacky boats and sailors bedecked the river.

Wildlife abounded.

And bounded.

The weather report for at least the next week: mostly hot and sunny, and totally cool.

28 July 2017

Vote for Switzerland's Most Beautiful Village

In Switzerland's famous "direct democracy," voters frequently are called on to vote on a host of candidates and initiatives -- and now, a beauty contest for the country's most beautiful village.

10 June 2017

How to Hack Swiss Street Food Fests

Another mouth-watering street food festival in Geneva this weekend. 

Food from Brazil, Japan, Portugal, India, Italy, the U.S., the U.K., Thailand, France, China, Mexico, Greece, the Maghreb, and on and on.

The sprawl of delish dishes includes everything from fried meat pastries, raw salads, lamb stew, and skewers of chicken satay, to ramen, fish and chips, fresh cold oysters and lobster sandwiches, plus gelati, Swiss sweets, fresh fruit and veggie juices, mojitos, champagne cocktails, wines, beers, and more and more and more.

And always, the amazingly creative trucks and trailers ...

So much to taste. But our tummies are only so big, so where to put it all? This year we got smart and brought containers for laters.